Weak Creature Press

Publishing independent works of poetry and literary fiction.

Staff Introduction

Here we are to give you a quick peek behind the curtain and introduce our staff members to you.

Douglas Richardson- Creator and Creative Force behind Weak Creature Press. Wearer of many executive hats, both in the office and out.

Jen Richardson- Editor and Queen of the Office Supplies. Possesses much Post Office Karma. If you’re genuinely nice, she might even give you a freshly-baked Chocolate Peanut Butter bar from her pan of sweet delights.

Heather DeSerio- Head of the Art/Graphic Department. In a word: “Fantastic!” Also a person upon whom no moss shall ever gather, as she is a whirlwind of productivity.

The three of us work tirelessly to assemble, tweak, spell check, primp, color, design, and present fabulous books for you, the reader. We do it because we love art, literature, and poetry. We do it because the world doesn’t have enough of those three and will always need more.


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