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Indie Bookstore Snapshot: Small World Books, Venice, California, United States

We are true fans of independent bookstores all over the world. Today our Indie Bookstore Snapshot brings you Small World Books, situated at 1407 Ocean Front Walk in the venerable Venice Beach area of Southern California.

Now, we like them because they sell our books, of course, but we also like them because they are the sort of people who take the time to listen to every single customer that walks through the door. They listen carefully and well, and make educated recommendations based on what you already like to read, or might like to read, or read once back in third grade. The table displays are set up so a reader is encouraged to walk around it again and again, picking up various paperbacks and hardcovers on all manner of topics. Some hidden yet logical undercurrent ties the selections together and you find yourself walking back to the cashwrap with an armload of titles. Check your watch- hey! Have you really been browsing for an hour? Could’ve sworn it was only ten minutes ago…

It’s that kind of place. We love those places. Don’t you?

Look for them on Facebook.

Helpful to know: On-site bookstore cat, most often found napping in the Mystery Annex. For those who like to drink a coffee or nosh while reading, visit the attached restaurant, appropriately named The Sidewalk Cafe.


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