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The Staircase- Douglas Richardson

What Was There (courtesy of their Facebook page and web page) reminds us today is the one hundred and sixth anniversary of San Francisco, California’s horrifying earthquake of 1906, which killed more than three thousand people, decimated scores of buildings, and forever left a scar in San Francisco’s history. We present Doug’s poem “The Staircase” from his collection Ghosts in Time and Space.

The Staircase

bicycles, carriages, cable cars
anything to be in motion
anything to escape my mortal heft

a staircase in a turn-of-the-century apartment
in San Francisco
narrow and musty
with doors at the top and bottom

no one loitered there
ladies didn’t linger
all defensive and mysterious
there was no railing for men
to lean on and leer

this was a tunnel for travel
that echoed after each footfall
as if someone was right on your heels
or closer
as if someone was trying to invade you

I lived in the room behind the top door
until 1906
when the building and I
went down in the quake
a new building went up in 1912
an exact replica of the old one
it is still there today

I am there too
right on your heels
or closer
in the staircase

@2011, Douglas Richardson


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