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Stamp Out Hunger, Get a Bookmark

I grew up with the phrase “Read a book, feed your mind.” (Thanks, Mom!) I also grew up hearing that a body must have proper nutrition to perform well at a given task. Everyone knows it’s tough to get through your morning meeting, your school day, your bus ride, or an athletic event if you haven’t had sufficient nutrients at some point beforehand.

We at Weak Creature Press are offering our Twitter followers a lovely little gift in exchange for their participation in today’s Stamp Out Hunger Day. This annual program, in conjunction with the fabulous United States Postal Carriers and Postal Workers, asks citizens to gather non-perishable food items (no glass jars) in bags or boxes, set them out by your mailbox, and your mail carrier will pick it up for you. It really doesn’t get easier than that. Donations will then go onto shelves at food pantries and food banks all across the nation.

We realize that it’s sometimes hard to give what you have when your own stores are low. We ask you to remember that there is always someone who has less, and to please consider sharing. If you do participate, tweet a photo of your donation (large or small, doesn’t matter to us), follow us on Twitter (so we can see the pictures) and we’ll send you a Panic Kit bookmark.

Fun links and information–

Panic Kit– Laura A. Lionello




Hashtag: #StopDropDonate


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