Weak Creature Press

Publishing independent works of poetry and literary fiction.

Protracted period of technical difficulties resolved!

We missed all of you during our inability to post and give you the latest updates on Weak Creature Press business.

  • First, the International Library Contest has come and gone. Nancy S. (of the United States) was our qualifying entrant, so she took home the Grand Prize. Congratulations! Unfortunately, we heard from other people after the fact, so, if we opt to do this contest in 2013, there will be more advanced notice/more updates/reminders about it before it begins and as it progresses.
  • Next, Douglas Richardson’s “Notes from the Graveyard Shift” recently appeared on Misfits’ Miscellany. We are thrilled about this, and you should be, also. Make sure to click through to read them and check out/follow MM. http://misfitsmiscellany.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/notes-from-the-graveyard-shift/
  • Lastly, our editors are hard at work on current projects (three in all) so that you, our friends and public, will continue to enjoy quality poetry and literature for years to come.

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This entry was posted on 10/11/2012 by in Douglas Richardson, Giveaways, Misfits' Miscellany.
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