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Pre-order Trust Fund Baby during February

We at Weak Creature Press are very excited to announce the upcoming birth of Douglas Richardson’s newest novel Trust Fund Baby! Equal parts comedy and tragedy, Richardson introduces us to H. James Branhoover and takes us further into the twisted family portrait comprised of Chloe Red, H. Charles Branhoover, and Bernrd Red. Fans of Richardson’s first book The Corruption of Zachary R. will find questions answered and new characters enmeshed in all sorts of dilemmas throughout the book.

To welcome our latest member of the family, we are pleased to offer you not one but two pre-order specials. February is the month of love, if you believe the hype machine, but even if you don’t, we still want to give our loyal fans and readers a break on the action.

Deal #1: Twins!”– Buy a copy of Trust Fund Baby and a copy of The Corruption of Zachary R. for an all-inclusive price of $15 bucks. Twice the fun, twice the psychosis, and twice the references to stuff you’ve never even considered.

Deal #2: “We’re All A Little Bit Off” — Maybe you’ve already bought your copy of Zach…but you still want Trust Fund Baby (or Panic Kit, or Ghosts in Time and Space, or the entire kit and kaboodle). We’re happy to provide any book in our catalog at 30% off the cover price.


Panic Kit by Laura A. Lionello

 ISBN 978-0984242436, paperback

 Cover price: $13.00. Sale price: $9.10.

The Corruption of Zachary R. by Douglas Richardson

ISBN 9780984242412, paperback

Cover price: $14.95    Sale price: $10.45


Poems for Loners by Douglas Richardson

ISBN 9780984242429, paperback

Cover price: $11.00   Sale price: $7.70


Ghosts in Time and Space by Douglas Richardson

ISBN 9780984242443, paperback

Cover price: $11.00  Sale price: $7.70


Out in the Cold, Cold Day by Douglas Richardson

Paper chapbook of thirty poems

Cover price: $5.00   Sale price: $3.50


 Check out the cover art and book descriptions on our Pinterest page. http://pinterest.com/weakcreature

 These offers are available for a limited time and only from us (not Amazon or elsewhere), so make sure to place your orders promptly. We accept PayPal payments, as well as cold, hard cash and paper-thin checks.

E-mail us at weakcreature@aol.com. Questions, comments, worries, and jokes may be addressed to Jen. She, unlike your seventh-grade pen pal, will write back to you.


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